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Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC)

Bribery and corruption open the door to other financial crimes including fraud, money laundering, embezzlement as well as abuse of insider information, infiltration and misuse of business secrets. ABC is closely related to conduct risk and is also addressed as integrity compliance.

In addition to local laws prohibiting active and passive bribery and corruption, third party responsibility and negligent financing of bribery, companies operating internationally also need to understand obligations according to extraterritorial anti-bribery laws.

Further, with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, organizations need adequate procedures to satisfy bribery and corruption due diligence, adverse impact and reporting requirements.

Executive Action has expertise in developing and auditing against global standards and guidelines, which combines sector experience to help you secure and implement adequate anti-bribery and corruption procedures and systems based on the context of your business operations.

ABC governance framework review, to assure adequate procedures to detect and manage your exposure to bribery and corruption risks.

Fit for an ABC audit or investigation? We provide gap-analyses and qualified audits based on ISO37001.

How to integrate roles and responsibilities for ABC in your overall financial crime prevention strategy.

Third party due diligence

ABC awareness training around obligations, risks and processes applicable to your company.

Financial and non- financial ABC controls.