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Investigative and Financial Intelligence Services

Executive Action excels at several types of investigative and financial intelligence services.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Our multi-disciplinary professional teams have extensive experience establishing and maintaining comprehensive AML programs based on the most recent regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Our AML programs include appropriate risk assessments and training, and are designed specifically to address the relevant risks for each individual institution based on its service offerings. Our professionals operate in key locations throughout the world. We understand the importance of an effective AML program for ensuring a safe and sound institution.

Due Diligence and Financial Intelligence Service

We understand that rigorous analysis of information is critical to making strategic business decisions that involve high risk clients and the reputational risk that they pose to global financial institutions. Executive Action professionals include former law enforcement officials and intelligence analysts who uncover and analyze source documents and provide objective assessments of reputational and regulatory risks.

Fraud/Financial Crime Advisory Services

Executive Action provides a suite of investigative services including leading self-initiated investigations or investigations resulting from regulatory or law enforcement inquiry.
We understand the value of enabling clients to make informed decisions, maximize opportunities and protect assets. Our resources include experienced investigators, including former Federal agents and forensic accountants located around the world.

Forensic Accounting and Technology

Executive Action is an industry leader in conducting investigations and in designing and implementing strategic and innovative technology solutions for data discovery, analysis, management and security. Frequently, we integrate these services with the larger cross-discipline investigation teams to provide clients with a comprehensive suite of services. Our strategies enable us to quickly assess situations and conduct swift, targeted searche