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Financial Markets Investigations and Litigation Matters

We have the capability to respond rapidly; harvest, reconstruct and host enterprise accounting data; manage and analyze large and varied data sets; conduct interviews; and prepare credible analyses and presentations.

Clients rely on our familiarity with the trading environment and prevailing market practice to help them truly understand the rationale for investigated activities. Additionally, because of our industry experience, integrity and investigative independence, our team of experts is often selected to serve in some of the world’s most complex corporate monitor engagements.

We have been engaged in some of the world’s largest and most visible regulatory, criminal and tax investigations in recent years. Financial institutions, regulatory bodies, competition authorities, and law firms often engage us when they need support to conduct independent investigations in various contexts, such as:

Competition investigations (e.g., alleged anticompetition behavior involving interest-rate benchmarks, FX, CDS, SSAs).

Regulatory monitorships.

Market disruption and market abuse (e.g., spoofing).

Fraud investigations (e.g., accounting fraud, misreporting/hidden losses, misvaluation, fraudulent commissions, etc.)

High frequency trading.

Rogue or insider trading.

High-profile financial scandals.

Internal disciplinary and compliance investigations.

Sales practice matters.

International tax controversies (e.g., Cum-EX, transfer pricing).