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International Arbitration

International tribunals are seeing more and more cases of stunning scale and complexity, requiring intensive data analysis and deep industry expertise.

Cross-border disputes often involve questions of accountancy, economics, finance and valuation, requiring expert testimony and clear communication. Our clients find independent, objective expertise in these matters at Executive Action. We provide regulatory, valuation and damages expert opinions in international arbitrations involving a range of industries such as energy, construction, mining, securities, financial services, as well as M&A disputes, among others.

We understand the complex business, economic and regulatory issues facing our clients in Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S. We bring a depth of knowledge and analytical rigor to our work that few other firms can match. We are a highly credentialed global team that includes a large and diverse group of testifying experts, supported by a dedicated group of accountants, economists, industry specialists and academics. Our record of successful outcomes has helped make us an award-winning international arbitration expert witness practice. With experts in damages, valuation, intellectual property, and M&A across a wide list of industries in offices in major cities throughout the world, our team regularly provides oral and written expert evidence in every major commercial and treaty arbitration center and geographic region around the world.

Understand traditional and emerging economic, financial, valuation and accountancy issues, data analyses and analytical methodologies.

Pinpoint the exact type of expertise, evidence and documentation required to resolve a dispute.

Provide clarity on and communicate complex ideas, opinions and conclusions in a simple, understandable and persuasive manner.

Interpret regulatory requirements in different geographies.

Evaluate claims in the context of past and likely future economic damages.

Bring together experts with the local and international expertise required by large, complex disputes.

Identify the appropriate methodologies to assess damages.

Quantify damages in treaty and commercial arbitrations.

Determine through early case assessment if a claim is worth pursuing.