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Securities Litigation and Arbitration

We provide consulting expertise and independent testimony on a wide range of securities litigations, arbitrations, and disputes.

Our experts have significant econometric and statistical expertise, and clients rely on our experience in evaluating complex disclosures, developing customized event studies and price inflation series. In class actions related to securities, including ERISA, we have extensive experience providing testimony, analyzing class certification issues, quantifying damages, providing critical advice during settlement negotiations, and advising in complex opt-out litigation.

We have dealt with court-tested damages methodologies. We handle complex financial instruments and voluminous trade data, including in the high frequency domain to quantify damages. Companies, counsel, and forensic accountants also seek our assistance with investigations involving insider trading and market timing allegations.

Our clients engage us for assistance on a broad range of disputes, including:

Securities litigations matters (Section 10(b), class certifications, Section 11 and 12 of the Securities Act).

Early termination of derivatives (ISDA).

Market abuse, such as future and options spoofing.

Competition litigation (e.g., ISDA fix, CDS) and other market abuses.

Investment suitability (e.g., misrepresentations, mismanagement, broker- dealer disputes involving suitability, churning and best execution);

Anticompetitive analysis in securities markets;

Structured products (e.g., exotic derivatives, hybrid derivatives).

Structured finance.

Class actions.

LIBOR transition pre-litigation advisory.